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ICF Paris Île-de-France proposes – Café Coach

ICF Paris International Breakfast Meeting



A vital building block for the coaching relationship.

Wednesday 5th February 2020

from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30. a.m. prompt start


Programme – in English

Hellen Hettinga CV resized

Presented by Hellen Hettinga, Coach ICF PCC

Brasserie 12-15

39 rue Caumartin, 75009 PARIS

(Métro : Havre Caumartin. RER : Auber)

Co-organized by Julie Cummings-Debrot – Jo Leymarie, Nathalie Thoumyre and Manuela Marquis,

  Membres bénévoles du bureau ICF IDF



In this interactive 2-hour Café Coaching Session the spotlight is on “Confidentiality”. A key element of the ICF Core Competency 1 and the Code of Ethics.

Through exploration, interaction and reflection we will explore the following questions:

How might we shift from a ‘ticking the box-duty’ to having a conversation on confidentiality?

How might we shift beyond the initial contracting on confidentiality to building and sustaining a safe and trusting relationship with the client?

Through various lenses, we will observe the meaning of Confidential(ity) : our own worldview, our clients’ and other stakeholders’ perspectives. Explore the relevance of confidentiality and anticipate potentially challenging situations that may arise from the client/stakeholders during, or at the end of the coaching journey.

Hellen will bring real examples of dilemmas from her international coaching practice, and participants are encouraged to bring theirs. In this session we will work on an actual dilemma that you may have encountered in your practice, to further develop your internal ‘ethical compass’ with regard to confidentiality.

By sharing insights, learning curves you have experienced and tips with and from peers, you will build confidence to navigate around this vital aspect of coaching.


At the end of the meeting, participants will have acquired practical knowledge allowing them to go much deeper into the question of confidentiality.


CCEUs will be awarded for ICF members who participate in this event


You will deepen insights by exploring various perspectives on confidentiality including intercultural differences.

Gain insights into why it is vital to have a conversation around this subject.

Deepen your knowledge of professional conduct.

Engage in a reflective practice on an ethical dilemma around confidentiality.

Build confidence to navigate around complex situations and potential pitfalls.

This “Café Coach” offers an opportunity to the English-speaking coaching profession in and around Paris to connect and learn together.

Hellen Hettinga is an ICF PCC coach, facilitator and supervisor. She partners with individuals, teams and organizations navigating complexity and uncertainty in fast-paced environments. Bringing a systemic and embodied approach in our inter-connected eco-systems, her purpose is to co-create a positive and sustainable impact.

Previous leader of ICF Paris International and former board member of various professional coaching bodies, she is passionate about the power of community, connection and sharing learning.

Always curious about ethics, her fascination got further deepened in her training as a supervisor. In this workshop, she will share her own relationship with confidentiality experiences and she will bring concrete examples from international practice.

An explorer by heart, she has lived through career transitions, rough seas, global relocations, mergers & acquisitions, reorganization, and societal transformations.



Compulsory inscription on the ICF France website (

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12 € (membres ICF) – 20 € (non-membres ICF) (à payer en ligne).

Any refreshments ordered outside of the package will give rise to a supplement payable on the day.

Any people attending without being registered may be refused admission on the day if the event is full.

For any further information, you can contact the co-organizers of the coach café: and or the other volunteer members of the ICF Paris Ile de France office: 

ICF Paris International is an English-language initiative by ICF Chapter ParisIle de France. The events create an opportunity for the international coaching community to get together in Paris. Internationally renowned and diverse guest speakers are invited to share about trends, best practices, methodologies, tools with the coaching community in France. The events are open to all nationalities, to both ICF members and non-members.

We welcome your contributions to make our events successful. Please contact one of our ICF Paris International team members within our chapter to share your suggestions, contacts and proposals:

Julie Cummings-Debrot ( )
Manuela Marquis ( )
Jo Leymarie ( )
Nathalie Thoumyre (nathalie.Thoumyre@coachfederation

Date de l'événement 05-02-2020 08:30
Date de fin 05-02-2020 10:30
Registration Start Date 11-12-2019 00:00
Places 35
Enregistrés 11
Place disponible 24
Date butoir 11-02-2020 00:00
Prix individuel 20,00€
Lieu Brasserie 12 -15

ICF Paris Île de France proposes

ICF Paris International 1 day Masterclass

 Mastering Self-Awareness:

A Neuroscience Approach for Coaches

with Dr Patricia Riddell,

Professor of Applied Neuroscience

Tuesday 17th March 2020 

from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

at Forum 104, 104rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris

(Métro SaintePlacide or Montparnasse)

Co-organised by Jo Leymarie, Manuela Marquis, Julie Cummings-Debrot, and Nathalie Thoumyre

 p riddell photo jan2020 THUMB

Program – in English

One of the major benefits of coaching is that it provides a space in which individuals can become more self-aware.  This often leads to insights and breakthroughs in personal development. However, building and maintaining self-awareness can sometim
es feel difficult.  What is happening in the brain as we become more self-aware? And, given that this can sometimes feel like hard work, what are the benefits of greater self-awareness?

Anyone who wants to lead, coach, collaborate or generally interact effectively with other human beings would be well advised to start by paying attention to themselves. Why?  Because only through becoming more self-aware can we gain the feedback we need to master our own behaviour. Often what is missing is our understanding of ‘How To’ do this.

This workshop will help you build important skills including:

How to develop the right mindset

Any form of excellence begins with the belief that we can improve, and a willingness to strive for improvement.  Neuroscience makes clear that learning is always possible. But always believing that you can learn and consistently practicing new skills is often more difficult than you might think. This is where heightened self-awareness comes in.

How to increase your self-awareness

In order to increase personal mastery, it is necessary both to be aware of your own behaviour, and the way that others respond to it, in real time - moment by moment. Being this self-aware is not always easy, especially when you’re under pressure.

How to keep going when under pressure

Sometimes we fail not because we can’t do something but because we can’t maintain it under pressure. Using the neuroscience of self-awareness, you can create habits to draw on, regardless of how much pressure you’re under.

Another kind of pressure is being really busy all the time. It is challenging to be self-aware because task takes over. Being self-aware is a skill that requires time and space to develop. Neuroscience gives us ways to step back and so increases our effectiveness.

How to get more value out of feedback

Being self-aware requires both that you pay attention to feedback and increase focus on events which are within your control rather than those which you cannot control. In this workshop, we will show you how to build these skills. We will do this by giving you neuroscience tools and techniques that put you in the driving seat. 

By the end of this one-day workshop, we will:

  • Reveal mindsets that lead to the development of excellence through greater self-awareness.
  • Show you how to develop these for yourself and others.
  • Give you tools to increase self-awareness even when under pressure.
  • Focus on what can be controlled so that you can increase anyone’s personal effectiveness.
  • Give you tools to notice and reduce busy-ness.
  • Spotlight how greater self-awareness could serve you and your clients personally and professionally.

The workshop is designed for coaches who are seeking tools to help individuals to improve creating greater mastery through self-awareness. The workshop will be interactive and you will leave with tips and tools that you can use immediately. It will also be an opportunity to network with other coaches and to ask relevant questions of a trained neuroscientist.

Speaker profile

Patricia Riddell is Professor of Applied Neuroscience and an expert in the fields of coaching and leadership. She has degrees from the University of Glasgow, Imperial College, London and the University of Oxford.  One of her main interests is the ways in which neuroscience can be applied in the business world, supporting and extending our understanding of human behaviour. She collaborates with colleagues at Ashridge and Henley Business Schools researching aspects of leadership.  As a result of these collaborations she has developed a unique combination of skills that allows her to bring neuroscience solutions to individuals and organisations.

Patricia provides access to Applied Neuroscience through customised training, consultancy and public programmes. She brings both her training as an NLP practitioner and her neuroscience background to this work.  This allows her to combine the latest neuroscience with practical interventions to immediately impact real world challenges facing individuals, teams and organisations.

ICF Paris International. is an English-language initiative by ICF Chapter Paris Ile de France. The events aim at creating an opportunity for the international coaching community to get together in Paris. Internationally renowned and diverse guest speakers are invited to share about trends, best practices, methodologies, tools with the coaching community in France. The events are open to all nationalities, to both ICF members and non-members.

We welcome your contributions to make our events successful. Please contact one of our ICF Paris International team members within our chapter to share your suggestions, contacts and proposals:

Manuela Marquis ()

Julie Cummings-Debrot ()

Nathalie Thoumyre ()

Jo Leymarie ()

Inscription on the ICF France website
95 € (ICF members) – 165 € (non-members)  (compulsory on line payment).


Includes coffee and refreshments. Lunch not included.

Date de l'événement 17-03-2020 09:30
Date de fin 17-03-2020 17:30
Registration Start Date 16-01-2020 00:00
Places 30
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Place disponible 26
Date butoir 16-03-2020 00:00
Prix individuel 165,00€
Lieu Forum 104
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Date de fin 18-03-2020 21:00
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