[WCW ICF France] Staying Fit for Purpose: An ICF Global Study on Professional Development of Coaches

[WCW ICF France] Staying Fit for Purpose: An ICF Global Study on Professional Development of Coaches

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Webinar in English hosted by ICF France Comité de Professionnalisation

Staying Fit for Purpose:

A Study on Professional Development

of Coaches

with Alicia Hullinger, PhD, Senior Research Consultant, International Coach Federation

Join us on Tuesday 14 May at 6pm !

A Zoom link will be provided to you some days before the event


Description: The International Coach Federation (ICF) believes that professional development is important for developing competence and staying fit for purpose. A coach is expected to continually develop coaching skills and maintain existing skills to keep pace with industry expectations and emerging standards in order to provide the best value to their clients. As such, professional development is viewed as an important aspect of upholding professional standards.

Core Competency: All ICF members pledge to adhere to a code of ethics, which includes a commitment to their continuing development, “As a coach, I: 28) Commit to the need for continued and ongoing development of my professional skills” (International Coach Federation, 2018a). ICF also requires its credential-holders to maintain their knowledge and skills through a minimum number of continuing coach education units (CCEUs) for credential renewal (ICF website).

Learning Objectives: The overall objective of this webinar is to provide coaches with an analysis and recommendation of professional development strategies to support quality learning and coaching. This presentation is intended to synthesize research on professional development practices and provide lessons and experiences among coach practitioners. Coaches can then, in turn, use this information to formulate and implement a personalized professional development plan.

Presenter: Alicia Hullinger, PhD, Senior Research Consultant, International Coach Federation


Bio: Alicia Hullinger is a sociologist, cultural activist, and the Founder of Consulting for PLACE, LLC. As a passionate believer in the cooperative spirit, her work promotes the understanding and advancement of alternative models for social change to create more sustainable, equitable, and democratic communities. Alicia is also a Senior Research Analyst for International Coach Federation (ICF) and has over 15 years of experience working in academic and professional settings. She received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Kentucky in 2017.


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