[Ile de France] ASSERTIVENESS – Tuesday 13th June, 2023

Brasserie 12-15  
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Tuesday 13th June 2023

Brasserie 12-15 39 rue Caumartin, 75009 PARIS
: Havre Caumartin. RER : Auber)
de 8h30 à 10h30 (Punctual)

Presented by: Jane Hodgson, Coach ICF, PCC & Certified Assertiveness Trainer

& Anne-Laure Forest, Clinical Psychologist & Certified Assertiveness Trainer


During this 2-hour interactive session, you will learn how assertiveness is a skill that strengthens self-esteem and the ability to make our own choices in our personal and professional life.
It helps to manage the anxiety that arises in situations with difficult communication and gives us a technique to communicate without aggression and on an equal footing.  Instead of being governed by the need to please others or being reproachful, assertiveness teaches us to take responsibility for our own feelings and to understand our behavior.
With the mastery of Assertiveness, we will begin to develop a real sense of confidence, respect, and self-esteem, and gain the freedom to be who we truly are, to find our own voice and our own way and thus be in a better position to help our clients achieve the same.

Take Aways:
At the end of the meeting, participants will have gained practical knowledge to further explore the assertiveness techniques and training of Dr. Anne Dickson with whom Jane and Anne-Laure have worked extensively during these past two years to bring her techniques to a wider audience.

Dr Anne Dickson’s reputation as a leading authority on women’s development, assertiveness training and interactive communication was established by her first book A Woman In Your Own Right (Quartet 1982) which was translated into 12 languages, becoming and continuing to be the core textbook for assertiveness trainers throughout the world. In 2022 a new and revised edition was published in celebration of its 40th anniversary. Anne Dickson is a psychologist, counsellor, trainer, and writer with over forty years’ experience of teaching communication skills and management of emotions. She has led training extensively in the UK and internationally – including in Ireland, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Hungary, South Africa and Japan – and for a wide range of private and public groups and organizations.

This workshop will:

✓ Deepen your knowledge by exploring different perspectives and by giving you concrete examples  illustrating how assertiveness can be used in every personal and professional situation.
✓understand why it is essential to have a conversation about this topic.
✓to deepen your knowledge of the impact this can have on your communication style and that of your clients and employees.
✓To engage in reflective practice on this very important part of our skills
✓Witnessing the practicality of this technique through role-play exercises.
✓To give you the confidence to avoid the pitfalls that can await us.
This “Coach Café” offers an opportunity for the coaching profession to connect and learn together.
Registration required at ICF (France www.coachfederation.fr) Menu/ Regional events / Ile de France
12 € (ICF members) – 20 € (non-members) (to be paid online)

*Any refreshments ordered outside of the package will be subject to a surcharge payable on the day.
Non-registered participants may be refused entry on the day if the workshop is full.
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