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Forum 104 - Paris 6e  
07 Juin 2022 - 09:00 - 12:30  + Ajouter à mon Agenda Google  + iCal export


Kristi Alcouffe Coach ICF ACC Erickson EPC CALC WIAL Director WIAL

Benjamin Solomon

Ben Solomon   Coach ICF ACC
Erickson EPC
Gen. Secretary ICF France

Discover the Power of W.I.A.L


Tuesday 7th June 2022 

9.00 – 12.30

  Forum 104 –  104 Rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris

Why sign up?

Discover and then experience first-hand the magic of Collaborative Intelligence with two of our members, Kristi and Ben through the WIAL Action Learning methodology (World Institute of Action Learning).  Action Learning is a problem-solving tool that develops leaders, solves problems, builds teams, improves organizational performance and transforms organizations.  Action Learning involves a group of people working on real problems and learning while they do so.  Learning takes place at two levels: the first level is the level of the actual problem-solving task; the second level is the level of reflection on how the group is working together.  Action Learning interweaves thoroughly and seamlessly the principles and best practices of many theories from the fields of management science, psychology, education, neuroscience, political science, economics, sociology, and systems engineering. 

This half-day workshop is broken down into two parts:

One-hour session:

  • Presentation of the Methodology, Components, Phases & Rules

Ninety-minute session:

  • Participation in 90-minute Action Learning sessions

Thirty-minute session:

  • Debrief the Action Learning session

What’s the take-away?

Benefits: Participants

  • Understand the methodology behind Action Learning by experiencing a session
  • Leverage creativity & innovation when working with Groups/Teams
  • Build more collaboration & trust within the teams/companies you work for
  • Have learners become experts in question formation & active listening
  • In line with what people are looking for especially “Millennials”
  • AI-proof learning
  • Installing a culture of “bienveillance”
  • Supporting HR with new tools
  • Optimizing time spent in meetings

                **Leveraging the power of collective intelligence**

Benefits: Action Learning

  • Discover the “Team Management Tool” of the 21st century (Business Week)
  • Try a quick & creative way to find solutions to complex, important and relatively urgent problems
  • Develop collective & individual communication and leadership skills
  • Work on real problems, take action and learn from the group
  • Think critically & work collaboratively
  • Reflect on the advancement of the Group’s functioning
  • Become an effective leader as you solve difficult problems

The main objective of this workshop is to …

  • Experience first-hand the primary benefits of Action Learning, namely, Problem Solving, Leadership Development, Team Building, and Coaching competence.

Learning outcomes covered in the course:

Developing competencies involving individual and group skills and knowledge.  Individually, group members learn such skills as critical reflection, inquiry and questioning, systems thinking, active listening, self-awareness, empathy, problem-solving, decision making, presenting and facilitating.  Leadership skills are another important set of skills learned through Action Learning.  For instance, Action Learning initiatives help group members build leadership skills such as Emotional Intelligence, consisting of five primary abilities: self-awareness, managing emotions, motivating oneself, empathy, and handling relationships. 

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ICF Paris International is an English-language initiative by ICF Chapter Paris Ile de France. The events aim at creating an opportunity for the international coaching community to get together in Paris. Internationally renowned and diverse guest speakers are invited to share trends, best practices, methodologies, and tools with the coaching community in France. The events are open to all nationalities, to both ICF members and non-members.

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