[Ile de France] Culture & Coaching – How do I know if the person I am coaching is sharing their culture or their personality? 17 avril 2023

Forum 104 - Paris 6e  
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  • We have seen the importance of creating bridges between the Field of interculturality and coaching. Two complementary worlds that have enriched our professional practice and also made us evolve as human beings.
  • We believe in the growing importance of including Intercultural Intelligence as a cross-cutting coaching competency. This idea has recently been included in the coaching world as well, and the ICF has integrated cultural aspects into the coaching relationship in its competency framework. Culture is explicitly stated in 5 of the 8 competencies.

And so, the question arises: “How do I know if the person I am coaching is showing their culture or their personality?  Throughout this day we will help you find some answers to this question, in order to see the difference and understand the cultural aspects of a person’s identity.

Objectives :

  • Explore your Cultural Identity
  • Develop « Self Cultural Awareness »
  • Identify how differences influence your coaching


Verónica De la Fuente, Interculturalist & Coach PCC, Swiss – Chilean

“Passionate about Interculturality and coaching, I support individuals, teams, and organizations in their challenges to work and interact with people from different cultural background”.

Co-author of the book “L’intelligence interculturelle au service des coachs” (Dunod)

Global Diversity and Inclusion Certificated Practitioner

PCC coach accredited by ICF My work is developed in Latin America and Europe and in different languages: Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese.


Manuela Marquis, Interculturalist & Coach PCC, Franco-German

“My international background and corporate experiences, triggered in me a passion to leverage intercultural relations and turning cultural differences into an opportunity. Since then, I accompany organizations, teams and leaders to develop their Intercultural Intelligence”.

Consultant, trainer, and coach, ICF PCC accredited, I coach in French, English and German.

Eligible for CCEU’s


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