[Paris IDF] ICF Competencies Across Cultures – 18 novembre 2020

18 Nov 2020 - 18:00 - 19:30  + Ajouter à mon Agenda Google  + iCal export


As coaches we need to work with people from a wide range of cultures, both in terms of the national or regional culture they grew up with as well as in relation to the corporate culture they work in. We therefore need a solid understanding of the impact of culture in business and personal interactions. This interactive workshop will explore the ICF core competencies as they relate to various individual, organisational, and national cultures. Based on the research of national and organisational culture, we will present and explore preferences around major cultural dimensions. Then in subgroups, you will have the opportunity to discuss possibilities for adjusting coaching competencies to different cultures. Strategies to bridge the cultural gaps will also be discussed.

Takeaways from this event include:

• Awareness of your own cultural preferences and possibilities for stretching your style to connect with your client.

• Understanding cultural differences and how they impact the ICF core competencies and your client’s success.

• Developing an awareness of skills needed for coaches to adjust their approach to be effective with clients from various organisational, regional, and national cultures.

1.5 Core Competency CCEU’s will be awarded for attending this webinar.

Our Facilitators:

Valerie Bath of Culture Business Consulting, ICF Orange Country CA


Dana Lefeuvre, MCC Mentor Coach, ICF Antenne Paris IDF

For additional information, please contact manuela.marquis@coachfederation.fr or dana.lefeuvre@coachfederation.fr.


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