[Ile de France] MASTERCLASS – Deepen your coaching presence and illuminate sessions with your artistry – 10 mai 2022

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MASTERCLASS – Deepen your coaching presence and illuminate sessions with your artistry

Tuesday, May 10th 20228:30 – 17:00 CET

Jean-François Cousin, MCC, Past Chairman of ICF Global Board 


Who and how are you being, in your coaching sessions, when you best support your clients’ progress and fulfilment? How could you further deepen your coaching presence and illuminate sessions with your artistry, in service of more profound, inspired and sustainable transformations for your clients?

In this one-day coaching masterclass with Jean-Francois Cousin, MCC, you will

  • gain profound insights that can help you coach at your very best
  • optimize the way you contract with your client at the start of a session
  • deepen your coaching presence
  • expand the world of possibilities for your coachee
  • illuminate your coaching practice with artistry

Benefits for the participants

  1. Evolve your way of ‘being’ as a coach in sessions, to best help unleash your clients’ progress and fulfilment
  2. Learn how to contract in-depth with your client
  3. Identify new coaching practices that can help you overcome challenges you meet in your sessions
  4. 10 insights harvested over 13,000 coaching-hours to coach masterfully
  5. 10 practical tips for coaches to overcome your insecurities as a coach and support your clients with greater ease and success


You will receive 7,5 CCEUs: 6,5 CCEU Core Competencies, 1 CCEU Resource Development


Jean-François Cousin, MCC, became a global executive coach in 2006, in the wake of a career in management around the world with a Fortune-500 company. He has clocked more than in 14,000 coaching-hours, served over 1,400 executives and dozens of executive teams on 5 continents. Jean-François also mentors coaches, notably for their MCC credential. Jean-François is also a speaker and a published author and served as the Chairman of the Global Board of the ICF in 2019.
Jean-François is dedicated to the growth of the coaching profession and has advocated coaching to numerous corporate audiences on 5 continents.

He co-authored two books promoting coaching and written Game Changers at the Circus about unleashing greatness in organizations thanks to a coaching culture.


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