[Paris 6e] ICF Paris International. Coaching Culture Workshop in English. 17th May 2017.

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International Coaching Week 2017                                           

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Building a Coaching Culture in Our Organisations

Coaching as a style of managing, leading, engaging and transforming.

Guest participants :

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Patrick Oudot de Dainville, Executive Coach and former Director Top Executive Development for L’Oréal International, (middle picture)

Brian Chaloner, Certified Coach and Lead for Coaching at the Airbus Leadership University (picture on right)

Marie-Agnès Debar, Global Head of Coaching and Internal Executives Coach at Danone (picture on left).

This experiential workshop is aimed at business and HR leaders as well as coaches working in organisations and will allow you to take away: experiential learning, success stories and best practices how to implement and sustain them so that they become part of your organisational DNA.

Event prepared by Hellen Hettinga, Gabriela Buettner and Jo Leymarie.

Workshop in English.

Click here for full programme.


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