The Inter & Intra Vision Group for ICF Coaches in Provence!

We are pleased to have launched on the 1st of July an innovative group of ICF Coaches in Provence: The Inter & Intra Vision Group! 

Challenge ourselves on the 11 ICF competencies, improve our English skills and our coaching vocabulary, sharing experiences, coaching situations, tools and multicultural differences are the main goals we have set. 

Every month, thanks to our host, the group will discover a new place to achieve its goals in an enjoyable atmosphere! Let’s become better English speaking coaches and have fun doing it! 

This group is limited to 8 permanent ICF members and is happy to welcome up to 2 guests (2 sessions max. for the non ICF members). 

You are welcome!

Maryna, Isabelle, Pascal, Delphine, Stéphanie et Marie-Laurence