Annick Mutel Delevallez

Ann's executive profil : Founder and CEO at SAM and PARTNERS in Paris la Défense, France Assessment and Development center for Managers and Leaders. Ann is Coach AAC - trained and supervised by Alain Cardon, ICF MCC Annick’s 12 years experience as a Talent Assessment specialist is backed up by her former practice as an operational manager used to develop Human Capital and allows her to efficiently bring support to Executives and organisations in their transformation process. After successfully experiencing a wide range of management positions for pharmaceutical companies, Annick joins IMS Health where she develops her strategic skills and vision while heading a department specialized on international market studies, becoming the interlocutor of GM and international managers, bringing them support through diagnosis and advice. After graduating at ESSEC MBA Paris, she developed her skills in ICF coaching training with Alain Cardon and developed certification to different assessment tools. After a new experience as General Manager at CBAX holding Paris before creating her first self owned HR consulting company in 2008 and her first Assessment Center for C level positions for Healthcare companies in 2013. As a former manager, executive and now entrepreneur with strong practice of accompanyment of top management in France and internationally, her experience in supporting organisations and coaching leaders allows Annick to rapidly understand stakes and challenges and propose relevant and pragmatic solutions for companies or departments leadership. Beginning 2021 SAM & PARTNERS reinforce the Assessment activity through cooperation with Profiles International Waco USA and its French partner PerfHomme in order to rely on a team of 20 certified Advisors in order to bring support to Big Companies in their Talent management strategy. SAM & PARTNERS is able to provide 13 diagnosis solutions to meet any specific situation : merger, leadership model transformation, restructuring, High Po identification , mobility, Talent pool development, succession planning, Hiring and selection. In order to be at the vanguard in terms of Leadership Model, we maintain close relationship with companies involved in neuroscience research and HR such as SHL, Profiles-international-Wiley, Hay group, Myers Briggs, Human Capital Institute, IE Consortium, Goleman Institute, Gallup University. 2021 Innovations : 1/ Personnalized Global Assessment Center : We have the potential to create your own personnalized Global Assessment Center for your HR organization and provide your managers with training to develop their auto-evaluation skills , bring them autonomy in self development process, develop a learning culture, and anchor appropriate behavior on a daily manner. Diagnostic –Development Solution is a strong contributor to leverage Transformation and Performance. . . 2/ Launch of our Think Tank "Assessment4ALL" on Sept 1st, 2021 Follow our Posts on Linkedin 🤓

Expérience en coaching Plus de 10 ans
Ile de France
92088 , Paris La Défense (Mobilité : Internationale)

Compétences spécifiques

  • Coaching systémique des organisations
  • Leadership culture
  • Transformation des organisations- Leadership transformationnel

Langues :

Français, Anglais

Formations & Certifications

Formation :


ICF Certification AAC