Sophie Catelain Guerin

My name is Sophie Catelain Guerin, I worked for 20 years in the luxury world, at L’Oréal then LVMH, both in cosmetics and wine & spirits industry. I had the opportunity to perfect my understanding of how people relate to the world around them in demanding situations, under stress or pressure. I saw many of them losing what they hold dear, missing their life purpose, and I always had at heart to help them. My niche is mostly women between 30-50 years old who go through major changes in their life (maternity, change in career, health issues or significant other separation) or who don’t experience change in their life but thrive for it. I got certified on May 27th and look forward to this new coaching journey. I look forward to collaborating with you all.

Expérience en coaching 1-3 ans
Ile de France
75015 , Paris (Mobilité : Internationale)

Langues :

Français, Anglais, Allemand, Espagnol

A propos de Sophie Catelain Guerin

I am passionate about singing, art and traveling.
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