International transition: whether you want to transform your recruitment strategy, enhance the effectiveness of leaders and teams, assist an employee or yourself in taking up a new position, I am here for you.

Expérience en coaching 1-3 ans
Grand Est
67370 , WINTZENHZEIM KOCHERSBERG (Mobilité : Internationale)

Compétences spécifiques

  • Assessment of International Awareness
  • International Job Transitions (short & long term)
  • International Recruitment Strategy
  • Cultural Dexterity
  • Confidence in multicultural public speaking
  • Multicultural & Diversity Management

Méthodes :

  • Remote Solutions
  • Face to face/On site

Langues :

Français, Anglais

A propos de Tanya PODVRSAN

“How to accompany personal and professional change accurately?”
“How to assist the growth of an international SME with the best talents?” “How to find THE best FIT between candidates and managers?”

These three questions are now at the heart of my job and passion as a recruiter, trainer, and certified coach.

How to take a mess and turn it into a message? The recipe:

1. Listen using HR expertise and acquired detailed knowledge in management specificities grown in the US, South America, France, and Europe.
2. Add a language (or four): Slovene, English, French, Spanish…a dash of German.
3. Simmer with cultural agility. Identify good and bad practices in terms of suitable recruitment, job fit, and intercultural management.
4. Top it off with good old common sense!

Since adolescence, my path has been a multicultural and professional mixing bowl! Born Slovene, adopted by the US, cared for by Colombians, Germans, and French at heart.
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Formations & Certifications

Formation :

Train the Trainer
Master - Ressources Humaines - Université de Nancy, France
Master - Human Resources UW-Milwaukee