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The Body Thinks Too – Essentials in Embodiment Coaching – 3 octobre 2024

Forum 104 - Paris 6e  
03 Oct 2024 - 09:00 - 17:30  + Ajouter à mon Agenda Google  + iCal export


Discover the Transformative Power of Embodiment in Coaching

Thursday 3rd October 2024 09.00 – 17.30 In English

Presented by – Thorsten Kondla, Leadership and Team ACC ICF Coach

Founder of Embodiwerk®.


Immerse yourself in the interaction between body and mind to strengthen awareness and choice in coaching.

Learn how to intentionally utilize the body in coaching to communicate more effectively, enhance relationships, and support sustainable change.

Discover and explore the concept of embodiment and its profound impact on the effectiveness of coaching sessions.

This interactive workshop offers practical experiences to deepen your understanding of the connection between body, thoughts, and actions. Learn how consciously working with the body in coaching can help both you and your clients recognize thought and behavior patterns. By doing so, you can not only develop new perspectives but also support impactful changes in your clients.

The workshop’s aim is to deepen your understanding of the interaction between body and mind, providing you with concrete tools to enrich your coaching practice. By expanding your skills in working with embodiment, you will be able to support your clients at a deeper level and foster sustainable changes.

Take advantage of this interactive and body-centered workshop to physically experience and explore the interaction between feeling, thinking, and acting (embodiment) through practical exercises.

Experience the fascinating world of embodiment in coaching and specifically learn:

  • What embodiment truly is – and what it is not.
  • The Embodied Intelligence Model and nine gateways for working with the body in coaching to recognize your own thought and action patterns.
  • How to apply Basic Embodied Coaching Techniques in practical exercises to support clients, create awareness, and explore new possibilities.
  • Utilize centering and self-regulation techniques (for clients and coaches) to maintain a grounded and confident mindset even under pressure.
  • Create powerful agreements that help clients implement new plans consistently and integrate them into their long-term behavioral repertoire.
  • How to recognize and avoid typical mistakes when working with the body.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at ICF-certified coaches or those on their way to certification. It provides an in-depth understanding of embodiment-based coaching and equips you with fundamental knowledge and tools to expand your coaching practice. Additionally, it delivers scientifically backed arguments to showcase the potential of embodiment in coaching and effectively market your services.

This workshop will provide 8 CCEUs:

5 for Core Competency and

3 for Resource Development

Take Aways

  • A proven framework for working with your own embodiment and that of your clients in coaching.
  • A basic toolkit of embodiment exercises for self-regulation and client engagement.
  • An improved understanding of how embodiment principles can be integrated into daily coaching to deepen ICF core competencies.
  • Strategies for integrating embodiment into personal and professional spheres to promote awareness and growth in clients.

Who is Thorsten Kondla?

(ACC), Founder of Embodiwerk®.

With over 45 years of experience as an entrepreneur and more than a decade as an independent coach, Thorsten possesses a comprehensive understanding of leadership dynamics and team dynamics within organizations. His focus is on supporting leaders and teams in expanding their leadership development and teamwork65 capabilities.

As a trained Ontological Coach through Newfield Inc., Thorsten continued his journey through embodiment, particularly through intensive training at the Strozzi Institute under the guidance of Richard Strozzi-Heckler. There, he completed courses such as “Leadership at the Core,” “Personal Mastery,” and “Embodying the Mystery.” In addition, he expanded his expertise through courses with Staci Haines in “Cultivating Resilience,” with Mark Walsh and Embodiment Unlimited as a Certified Embodiment Coach, and with Paul Linden in “Being in Movement.” He further deepened his knowledge at the Institute for Zen Leadership under Ginny Whitelaw, where he trained as a FEBI certified Coach. He has also gained valuable insights from Coaches Rising programs and “The Power of Embodied Transformation” with Doug Silsbee, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Amanda Blake, and Wendy Palmer.

Thorsten is trained as a Systemic Team Coach at the Global Leadership Institute, a Personal and Business Coach (ILS), a Certified Mindfulness Trainer (EAG), and a Certified Mental Trainer (WIFI). He also studied Cognitive Neuroscience for two years at the Academy of Neuroscience (AON), learning from renowned experts such as Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Roth, Prof. Dr. John Dylan Haynes, and Prof. Dr. Tobias Esch.

Thorsten’s passion lies in developing tailored coaching programs and specifically guiding leaders and teams to successfully address challenges in leadership and team dynamics. His approach is holistic, aiming to bring about sustainable changes through practical and applicable solutions.


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