[IDF] Photo Language – the Power of Images in Coaching – 23 avril 2024

Forum 104 - Paris 6e  
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A full day live workshop with Corinne MORET
Points of You® Master

Words are our usual means of expression, communication and exchange.  Photo language is a technique of expression that allows our clients to express themselves beyond words by using images to convey emotions, and ideas that may be difficult or impossible to articulate verbally.

You will learn how to effectively use images and incorporate them into coaching sessions to stimulate creativity, to broaden perspectives, to explore ideas in order to evoke awareness for your clients.

Join us to explore how to use photo language to go deeper, quicker in your coaching sessions.

You will receive 7 CCEUs for this event : 3,5 Core Competencies and 3,5 Resource Development

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed those who wish to expand and deepen their understanding and use of photo language and to learn how to use it efficiently and effectively in both individual and team coaching sessions.

Morning Session:

  • Introduction to Photo language
  • Creative inclusion exercises
  • How to explore a Topic through Images – Practical Experience

Afternoon Session:

  • How to apply Photo language in Individual and Team Coaching
  • How different points of views can impact a story to conduct change
  • Reflecting emotions and expression through images
  • Photo language in Action

Key Takeaways:

Participants will leave with:

  • Enhanced understanding of how to weave the principles of photo language into everyday coaching to deepen ICF Core Competencies.
  • Practical techniques to help your clients go deeper, quicker in their coaching sessions.
  • A deep self-experience

This workshop is a creative journey that will help you to deepen your understanding of photo language in order for you to use images effectively in your professional context.

Join us in unlocking the next level of your creative coaching potential.

Bio Corinne Moret

After 20 years as a Corporate Communications Manager for several Global companies, Corinne became a professional coach in 2008 and started training professionals in 2010.

She coaches professionals in French and in English on career transitions, national or international mobility, retraining, skills assessment, starting a new position, etc.

In 2019, Corinne was captivated by the power of the Points of You® tools and their impact on the actions and decisions of her clients and became a certified Points of You® trainer. She is now a Points of You® Master.

Corinne trains and supports coaches, work psychologists, trainers, facilitators and human resource professionals and team managers to use Points of You® tools in their professional practices.

Very attentive to the concepts of motivation and needs, Corinne created METAMOTI, an individual company dedicated to support professionals in their professional and personal development.

Areas of Expertise:

Team Facilitation and Coaching with the Points of You® coaching tools (how to work better together, developing authentic communication, team-building, multicultural teams, icebreaking, onboarding, etc.)

Intercultural: expat partners coaching /career transition / intercultural intelligence (self-awareness)

Managerial development: public speaking, interpersonal communication, taking up a new position, managerial posture, etc.

Delivering Academic Points of You® trainings to coaches, human resources, trainers, facilitators,  (face to face or online, levels 1 & 2)


Transactional analysis, NLP, Process Comm Management, Interqualia Assessment (individual and team levels), Positive Psychology, Ikigai workshops, Points of You ® tools and supports.


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