Anne Jany

My goal is to provide the means for you to think, create, imagine, dare, define, do, believe and succeed. I use my coaching posture with my life experience to help you evolve. As a former international business executive with Airbus, American expatriate in France, woman engineer and mother of three, I believe I can empathise with many situations you or your teams are facing and I can bring the extra value and insight that you are looking for to achieve your goals. My approach is to customise our coaching sessions to your overall goals and session goals. You create your own actions to ensure that your desired outcome is achieved in real time using your daily experience. I coach in both English and French and in France or internationally. I am particularly interested in developing performing, empathetic leaders, performing under stress and/or within new environments, while maintaining self-confidence and resilience, embracing change and transformation, women leading in male dominated fields / technical fields and the influence of the environment on decision making.

Coaching experience : 1-3 ans
31320 , Vigoulet-Auzil ( Mobility : Internationale)

Training & Certifications


Global Executive Coaching


HEC Certified Global Executive Coach