My goal is to foster brilliant collaboration in the world at large and professionally. For the last 15 years, I’ve helped both companies and other organizations, develop brilliant collaboration, the added value which allows sustainable progress and the reaching of excellency while respecting people and business relationship. My clients say* about me that: ✔︎ I have fast and multi-sided understanding of business environments which makes working with me comfortable ; ✔︎ I am spontaneously authentic and grow a non-judgmental relationship which reassures them ; ✔︎ I have a practical approaches to implementing the changes which helps going forward in achievable steps. I am also a trusted Executive Advisory for C-suite leaders. I accompany Executives and Transformation and Human Resources leaders in their thinking, elaboration and roll-out of coaching arrangements. I supervise external, internal & process coaches. I work with the 3 levels of efficiency in an organization: ➣ leaders ➣ leading teams ➣ transforming the relationships at work through targeted groups (project sponsors, experts, Belts…) I mentor and supervise coaches and other professionals of accompaniment. My clients are: ➣ leaders of subsidiaries in global groups ➣ leaders of European SMEs ➣ sponsors of strategic transformation projects ➣ managers of strategic transformation projects ➣ high officials ➣ emeritus experts ➣ elected officials ➣ coaches and supervisors

Certification : MCC
Expérience en coaching Plus de 10 ans
Ile de France
75017 , PARIS (Mobilité : Internationale)

Compétences spécifiques

  • Tous les accompagnements sont disponibles à distance
  • Trusted advisor / conseil de direction
  • Modérateur de conférences internationales
  • Superviseur de coach certifiée par Goldvarg Group

Méthodes :

  • MBTI
  • TMS
  • Analyse Transactionnelle
  • Systémique
  • Clean Coahcing
  • Process Com

Langues :


Formations & Certifications


Supervision - Goldvarg
Master coahcing - Goldvarg
Ecole d'Analyse transactionnelle - cylse psychothérapeute 3 ans
Systémique - Kourilsky
Team coaching - Burney
Coach & Team - Lenhardt
ESSEC - La Grande Ecole - Finance
Ecole Centrale de Lyon - Ingénieure mécanique