⚖ After a 25-year industrial career rich in human experience as General Secretary and Group Legal Director of complex international groups (ETI and CAC40), I am devoting myself to guiding executives and managers towards effective and inspiring leadership. ▶I capitalize on my experience of : - management committees, boards governance, development of large multicultural teams, strategic operations in international environments and expatriation in Canada and China, - to help you to find the right positioning, develop your professional image and increase your leadership. 🔸I coach in French or in English: 👉 women executives, all managers in charge of multicultural teams or members of such teams, as well as legal departments and law firms 👉 in multicultural and competitive environments 👉 when moving, repositioning or evolving professionally

Coaching experience : 1-3 ans
Ile de France
75009 , Eure et Normandie ( Mobility : Internationale)

Compétences spécifiques

  • Coaching Professionnel Individuel
  • Femmes & leadership
  • Coaching Professionnel des Professions Juridiques
  • Carrière internationale et expatriation
  • Coaching interculturel
  • Transition professionnelle et outplacement


  • Référentiel ICF des 8 compétences clé
  • Process communication
  • Approche systémique


Français, Anglais, Chinois


🎯You're asking questions about your leadership and are looking for a different perspective from a coach who knows your environment, in order to discover new alternatives ? 🔸I'll be your sparring partner to ensure you achieve full success in your projects 🔸My coaching is caring and empathetic, based on trust and without judgment. It capitalizes on what makes each person unique and focuses on your strengths and motivations to quickly achieve a precise and measurable result: finding the best solution for you! ✅ I can help you : * with key interviews in your professional life (job search or board mandate, taking up a position, lawyer to legal dept., annual appraisal, package negotiation), * to find your leadership style by communicating transparently and authentically, * to be more effective by prioritizing what needs to be done, delegating and reducing stress for a better life/work balance, * to understand intercultural differences and communicating appropriately according to your interlocutor and his geographical zone. * and support your professional transition with my knowledge of the outplacement process, my skills in labor law for your negotiation, or corporate law to set up your business if needed.
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Training & Certifications


Activision Coaching Institute
Legal Law Master Mc Gill University
DEA Droit International Paris II Panthéon Assas
Maitrise Paris I Panthéon – Sorbonne


ACTP Activision Coaching Institute
Sc Po IFA Board member