Stephanie DAUDIER

Engagé pour les humains et la planète. Je dirige The Inspiration Lab, qui intervient en Recherche Qualitative RH, Formation Experientielle et Executive coaching. Je suis aussi l'auteur du Livre Vert RSE, une approche pragmatique en 2020. Ma mission est d'accompagner les DRH, les dirigeants et leur équipes pour plus de diversité et de leadership. Je mets au service de mes clients une expertise de 30 ans en entreprise dont 25 ans chez L'Oréal à l'international et 12 ans de direction générale dans des contextes complexes.

Coaching experience : 5-10 ans
Ile de France
75020 , PARIS ( Mobility : Internationale)

Compétences spécifiques

  • Diversité
  • Mixité Femmes Hommes
  • Leadership
  • Recherche Qualitative RH
  • Coaching Dirigeant
  • Mentorat
  • Leadership féminin
  • Hauts potentiels


  • Programmation Neuro-Linguistique
  • Systemique
  • Codeveloppement
  • Mediation Humaniste
  • Psychologie des organisations
  • Clinical organisational psychology
  • Intelligence Emotionnelle EQi
  • Approches multi-culturelles
  • Multi culturel Japon Chine Asie
  • Mentorat


Français, Anglais

A propos de Stephanie DAUDIER

Engaged for People and the Planet.

I am the founder of The Inspiration Lab, a consultancy working for global companies to strengthen diversity, inclusion and leadership at work.

We offer :

- innovative research : we build and deliver solid methodologies to bring actionnable answers to difficult HR questions, such as "why do women think that they do not have the same career opportunities as men do",

- innovative learning : we create learning experiences for leaders and their teams to develop their diversity, leadership and management practices,

- robust executive coaching service : bringing an outstanding experience of global international companies, complex environnement and high level psychology and coaching knowledge, we focus on coaching that changes, that initiates sustainable movement.

About me :
- I studied mathematics,
- I started my career as a researcher in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and a teacher in survey theories at Paris University,
- I served 25 years at L'Oréal, in the Luxe Division, in marketing, sales and general management, in Europe and Asia, including 4 years as the GM of 3 majors brands in Asia Pacific and 4 years in Tokyo,
- At 50, I decided to go back to learning and studied NLP at UCSC University of California Santa Cruz, Organizational psychology at INSEAD, and many other practices around coaching, consulting for individuals, teams and organizations,
- I became an entrepreneur, and am still in the process!
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Training & Certifications


Exectuive Master Organisational Psychology, Coaching & consulting for change INSEAD
NLP Coaching Master Practitioner. NLPU UCSC University of California
Systemic des groupes - JOEL BRUGALIERE
Facilitation Codeveloppement Niveau 4 CECODEV
Mediation Humaniste
EQi Individuel
EQi collectif
Positive Psychology Science of Happiness BERKELEY
Total Leadership Wharton