Virginie BON

Executive and intercultural Coach. I am a certified coach ready to support you in your challenging transformation process : expatriation, impatriation, professional transition, life changes. I have 2 missions: 1. Bring more peace and build bridges between cultures that hardly understand each other and contribute to mitigate the level of open conflicts in the world at my level. 2.. Serving people to understand their true self and access their true potential, to live more brightly, boldly and confidently is a real purpose that makes me feel happy. I do believe coaching has the power to transform people, and it did for me. I’m convinced that everyone deserves to experience true love and live an extraordinarily fullfilled life. Ever since I was a child I was truly passionate about human being. I grew up in France surrounded by people of many different nationalities bringing various perspectives on the world. Each of them enlarged my vision and definitely connected part of me with the all humanity. Since that time I felt it as a duty to break the patterns of misconceptions and miscommunications between different cultures. I have been expatriated for about 13 years. I spent some time in countries at war as a field journalist (Afghanistan, Chad, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Libya), psyops officer, and business developer in Qatar where I spent 6 years with my family. Le plus beau métier des HOMMES est D'UNIR les HOMMES" Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

Certification : PCC
Coaching experience : 5-10 ans
84140 , Avignon ( Mobility : Internationale)

Compétences spécifiques

  • Leadership interculturel et management d équipes interculturelles/ expatriation, impatriation,
  • Expérience de terrain dans les zones a risques et environnements internationaux complexes
  • Transition professionnelle/ estime et confiance en soi
  • Jeune public Bac et post Bac / identité et orientation


Français, Anglais

Training & Certifications


Maitrise histoire
DESS relations internationales
Master etudes juridiques arabes
IHEDN- Institut des Hautes études de Défense Nationale


CTI coaching certification