Agnieszka Rivollet

Coaching des entrepreneurs (devenez le meilleur commercial de votre activité) Coaching des commerciaux Coaching d'évolution de carrière

Coaching experience : 1-3 ans
Aura (Auvergne Rhône-Alpes)
69004 , Lyon ( Mobility : Régionale)

Compétences spécifiques

  • Création d'entreprises
  • Reconversion professionnelle
  • Evolution professionnelle, stratégie de carrière
  • Coaching des commerciaux
  • Coaching des équipes commerciales


  • Jeux de rôles
  • Outils créatifs
  • Visualisation
  • Préparation mentale
  • Langues: français, polonais, anglais


Français, Anglais

A propos de Agnieszka Rivollet

Agnieszka Rivollet- the face behind Rivollet Consulting. For over 15 years, she has been helping entrepreneurs, small businesses and international companies identify market opportunities, develop solid, viable commercial strategies, and create and integrate scalable processes to help her clients build stronger teams and sell better. Agnieszka combines the valuable and recognised certifications with real-life experience. She aims to support her clients' workforce with knowledge, tailored guidance and learning reinforcement. She leads them to upscale their skills and personality for successful new business development. Driven by curiosity and passion for inter-human relationships, Agnieszka constantly enriches her knowledge by studying psychology of work and organizations at CNAM and challenging herself by learning the Korean language. From a more private side, Agnieszka enjoys her family life, dedicates hours to local charities and associations and spends as much time as possible on personal development.
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Training & Certifications


Master Coach ICI Certifié n#5605
Coach professionnel niveau 1 ICI n#1409


Titre RNCP Coach Professionnel